Helping your body, and you, to truly change!

Welcome to INDYMYOFASCIAL, a therapeutic bodywork practice with individualized client-based goals including release of acute and chronic pain; restoration of movement, flexibility, and function; and improvement and maintenance of health and wellness.

Focusing on releasing the tight, "stuck", hardened areas in the body's tissues, otherwise known as fascial restrictions, which are often the main source/contributor to symptoms such as pain, decreased function and mobility, and to dis-ease processes and patterns.

Utilizing the John F Barnes Approach to Myofascial Release(MFR) and Fascial Cranial Work, a hands-on, often gentle approach to "melting" and releasing fascial restrictions - the "missing link" in much of today's healthcare.  (For more about this approach, visit the Barnes website  ).

Able to work with clients with simple and complex conditions, diagnoses, issues, including Women's Health issues.

For all ages, from newborn to elderly, including those who are pregnant/intending/attempting to become pregnant, and also hospice clients.

And - can be utilized with our animal friends too!

Located on the North/Northeast side of Indianapolis, IN, in the South Broad Ripple area. In the Broad Ripple Executive Office Bldg. On the south side of 54th St just east of College Ave and the Monon Trail Crossing at 1111 E. 54th St.  Ask for office number & location when scheduling.

To Contact INDYMYOFASCIAL/Therapist  Eileen Huber, RN, MRT, CMT:                                                                                                                                                                                                                Phone: 317-502-2810 


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