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What does Myofascial mean?   Myo = muscle.  Fascial = fascia, otherwise known as connective tissue, the "glue - tissue - that holds you together", along with other crucial functions.  Fascia actually connects every cell to every other cell in the body throughout the body, and healthy fascia is crucial to the optimum functioning of the body and self.

Literally, all cells are "embedded in a sea of fascia".

About Myofascial Release (MFR) -The John F Barnes Approach to MFR helps catalyze the body, the tissue, to "melt" and release the hardened and restricted areas, the "stuck" areas, otherwise known as "fascial restrictions".  These tightened and restricted areas can exert tremendous pressure on pain sensitive structures and organs, and are often the source and/or contributors to creating pain, limited movement,  motion, and function, decreased flexibility, fatigue, tension, and other uncomfortable and limiting "symptoms" and "dis-ease" people experience.  (For more info about Fascia and the Barnes Approach, go to  ).

Instead of staying stuck in these restrictions and symptoms, stuck in this body armor, stuck in this "straiight-jacket of pressure", you begin to experience freedom of movement, freedom from pain, from tension, freedom for your body to utilize more and more of it's own ability to heal again.  Freedom to begin enjoying your life again!

As an important part of this Approach, you also learn the Release Approach to self care and stretches, Release self care you will be able to utilize to assist you in your recovery from current issues, and for life to release many of the stresses, traumas, and experiences that are a part of life before increasing fascial restrictions take hold.

MFR is not limited to those who are already experiencing current or ongoing pain and health limitations.   MFR can also assist those desiring alternative and complentary approaches to healthcare, and those desiring increased flexibility, health, and wellness.

MFR is for all ages, from newborns to elderly, through simple to complex conditions, diagnoses, issues, to those who are moviing in to the end stage of life and the dying process. This also includes those who are pregnant or intending/wanting to become pregnant, along with many "Women's Health" issues throughout life.

MFR - helping you and your body to truly change!

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